6 Tips to Make Back-to-School a Healthy, Fun-filled Breeze

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August 9th 2017

The smell of freshly sharpened number two pencils. Brand-new notebooks, ready for copious note-taking on favorite subjects. A fully-charged iPad loaded with the latest educational apps and textbooks.

A few quick tips can make back-to-school a healthy, fun-filled breeze.

A little worry is natural.

New teacher? First time changing classes? Catching the right bus?

Getting back-to-school may cause worry for some students. Try to address the stress before the first day of school. Reminisce with your child about the amazing summer y’all shared, then ease into delightful school experiences. Talk about school traditions, new experiences, and getting back to their friends.

Often middle and high schools offer a walk-through day—to practice new routines and acquaint students with locating their locker in relation to their classrooms. And, elementary schools sometimes host a meet-the-teacher evening—which may be just the thing to ease your kiddos nerves.

Celebrate summer.

The beauty of summer is in the memories made, so make one last memory with your family. Enjoy a weekend getaway or barbecue to reminisce and share favorite moments. And, leave a few full days between the end of the getaway and the start of school.

Ease into it.

If your kids are used to running around till late and sleeping in, a sudden shift in their schedule may be a shock to the system.

Start easy by setting earlier bedtimes about a week before school starts, and waking them up a little earlier too. Slowly they’ll get back on track.

Chat with your teens about the importance of structure. Talk about your expectations and allow him or her to share their expectations.

Assess the situation.

Backpack? Check. Notebooks? Check. Lunch box…um…nope.

Assess what’s already at home and functional. Ask your kiddos to write up a list of what they need—and what they want. Empower your children to choose the things that make them feel comfortable and excited. If it helps them feel comfortable in their skin, it may be worth it to make the back-to-school transition stress-free and fun.

Get back to healthy eating habits.

We’re guessing your summer included a few potato chips, cookies, frozen yogurt, and ice cream. Ours sure did!

Now that the school year’s here, it might be the perfect time to teach kids a little something about healthy, smarter meals.

Start slow. Maybe switch the ice cream for baked fruit sprinkled with cinnamon and a little sugar. And stock up on with healthy snacks for mornings, after school, and after dinner.

Nab a little face-to-face.

It could be on the way to soccer practice or after dinner. Maybe while they’re finishing up homework.

Make time to share an enjoyable activity. Whether it’s gossiping about their favorite pop star or reading a bedtime story, these special moments matter. You’ll both cherish and benefit from a sneak-peek in his or her life.

Hey Mom or Dad. You’re a back-to-school rock star. Embrace the school year and these quick tips, and ease back into your school routine.

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