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Plexus XFactor Plus™

Plexus XFactor Plus™

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Your daily dose of health

Your multivitamin should help you stay healthier and feel better. XFactor Plus does just that—with premium, bioavailable forms of key nutrients, a high-potency B vitamin complex, and a gut-protecting polyphenol blend. It’s the multivitamin—redefined.*

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  • Supports healthy immune function*
  • Supports healthy bones and muscle function*
  • Helps support healthy blood pressure levels already in the normal range*
  • Protects against free radical damage*
  • Boosts energy levels and metabolism*
  • Promotes mental clarity and concentration*
  • Improves mood*
  • Preliminary study shows that the polyphenol blend in XFactor Plus:
    • Reduces the production of undesirable compounds in the gut*
    • Reduces ammonium levels in the gut by 18%*
    • Increases beneficial Lactobacillus by 15x*
    • Increases beneficial Akkermansia microbe by 9x*
    • Increases beneficial Bifidobacterium by 2x*
  • Delivers the most bioactive and bioavailable ingredient forms for superior absorption
  • Complete with 100% or more of the Daily Value of 19 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Delivers over 50 naturally occurring trace minerals
  • Gluten Free
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Non-GMO

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

What is XFactor Plus?
XFactor Plus is so much more than your ordinary multivitamin. XFactor Plus delivers the highest quality ingredients in their most bioactive and bioavailable forms that provide 100% recommended daily allowance of 19 nutrients and more than 50 naturally occurring trace minerals, and it contains a scientifically validated Microbiome Activating Complex which helps protect your gut by reducing the formation of undesirable compounds.

I already eat healthy, so why should I take XFactor Plus?
Although many of us eat healthy everyday more than 1/3 of us do not get enough essential nutrients through diet alone and could benefit from supplementation for better health. For example, did you know that you would need to eat 40 large bananas alone to get the same amount of Vitamin B6 as in XFactor Plus. XFactor Plus delivers the highest quality ingredients in their most bioactive and bioavailable forms that provide 100% recommended daily allowance of 19 nutrients and more than 50 naturally occurring trace minerals.

What’s the advantage of bioactive & bioavailable ingredients?
A bioactive ingredient is simply a substance that has a more beneficial effect on health, while a more bioavailable ingredient can be absorbed and utilized more by the body. XFactor Plus uses these higher bioactive ingredients and that’s why XFactor Plus delivers exceptional health benefits.

What does the Microbiome Activating Logo mean?
The Microbiome Activating logo means a Plexus product has gone through an independent and scientifically validated in vitro human gut simulation study that measures the effect a product has on the gastrointestinal tract – including the activation of good gut microbes.

Can you tell me about the new study that was done on XFactor Plus?
We wanted to see what XFactor Plus can really do, so we put it through rigorous, testing procedures. In a highly advanced, in vitro study created to mimic the human gastrointestinal system, XFactor Plus’s powerful Microbiome Activating Complex was tested, which produced astounding results. Below are the research findings:

  • Reduce the production of undesirable compounds in the gut*
  • Reduced ammonium levels in the gut by 18%*
  • Increase beneficial Lactobacillus in the gut by 15x*
  • Increase beneficial Akkermansia microbe in the gut by 9x*
  • Increase beneficial Bifidobacterium in the gut by 2x*

Why is there 5-MTHF instead of Folic Acid?
Up to 39% of the population cannot utilize absorbed Folic Acid. XFactor Plus is formulated with the most bioactive form that everyone can utilize.

Why isn’t there any Iron in this formula?
Men and women over 50 typically do not require supplemental iron, so we have not included it in XFactor Plus.

Many multivitamins are in tablet forms, so why does XFactor Plus come in a capsule?
Tablets take longer for the body to dissolve into an absorbable form than a capsule which means that the high potency formula in XFactor Plus will go to work sooner. Additionally, many tablets have fillers and binding agents that do not provide health benefits. XFactor Plus does not use those binding agents for our capsule.

What is the serving size?
Serving size is 2 capsules.

When is the best time to take XFactor Plus?
It is recommended that you get into a routine of taking XFactor Plus whenever convenient for you, whether it be morning, day or night, however it is best taken on a full stomach to help reduce any potential discomfort.

Why should I take XFactor Plus with food?
When you eat food it causes your stomach to change pH and boosts your body’s ability to digest and absorb most nutrients. So if you take XFactor Plus just prior to eating not only does food boost your body’s ability to digest and absorb most nutrients, a full stomach will help reduce any potential of an upset stomach with our highly potent formula. For those with more sensitive stomachs, you may find it best to divide the dose into two and take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening prior to eating meals.

May I break up the capsule because I don’t like to swallow pills, tablets or capsules?
Absolutely, however the high potency of XFactor Plus has not been formulated for taste and by breaking up the capsule you may not like the flavor.

Is XFactor Plus Gluten Free?

Is XFactor Plus Non-GMO?

Is XFactor Plus 100% Vegetarian?
Yes. It is 100% Vegetarian.

Is XFactor Plus Allergen Free?
XFactor Plus does not contain common allergens (dairy, egg, peanut, soy, shellfish, tree nut, yeast or wheat

Does XFactor Plus contain aloe?
Yes, XFactor Plus contains aloe from the inner leaf of the plant.

Does XFactor Plus contain black currant?
Yes, XFactor Plus contains black currant from New Zealand.

What is the difference between XFactor and XFactor Plus?
XFactor Plus is a highly potent formula with 19 nutrients compared to 10 nutrients with XFactor. XFactor Plus also contains 650% more bioactive forms of key nutrients than XFactor. XFactor Plus also has trace minerals and added polyphenols for gut health benefits, but XFactor does not contain those. XFactor Plus still contains aloe and black currant.

What colors the capsule green?
The XFactor Plus capsule contains natural chlorophyll which provides the green color.

What is the age recommendation?
XFactor Plus is designed for adults over 18.

Is XFactor Plus safe to consume while pregnant or nursing?
If pregnant or nursing, please consult your physician prior to use.

Can I use this product with my medication?
Since some vitamins or polyphenol supplements may reduce the absorption of certain drugs into the body or interact with the metabolism of certain drugs, you may need to consult your physician or pharmacist about any possible interactions when you receive a new prescription for a medication. It is also recommended taking the medication and vitamins at different times of day, so one does not interfere with the efficacy of the other.

Can I take XFactor Plus with other Plexus products?
Absolutely! XFactor Plus is a great addition to any Plexus regimen. We highly recommend using it with Slim, VitalBiome, ProBio 5 and BioCleanse for your gut health and overall happiness.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.